Balletschool Kamperfoelie

The only Cecchetti-balletschool in Amsterdam

The only Cecchetti-balletschool in Amsterdam

Danielle Holst gives the classes for young children and beginners.

She did her ballet studies at the English Balletschool in Amsterdam. She has done R.A.D. and Imperial Ballet and has her certificates from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Organisation).

In 2003 she started to give lessons and still does it with pleasure.

Toddlerdance from 2 till 4 years
In these classes the moms or fathers, grandma, grandpa or guardian dance with the kids.

The toddlers learn to move rithmically to classical music, specially composed for the youngsters. They have to express themselves and learn to move in creative stories. We also sing special nursery rhymes.

In short, a big party!!

Kids of 4 years to 5 years
Here they learn to listen and to move to classical music in a simple way.

Their imagination gets active and they dance stories or try to move as animals.

The development of movement is central for this age group.

When they are 6 years old they start to learn the first ballet steps. They move to specially composed music for young dancers. They have to move to the music.

From 6 years on they can participate in the ballet exams specially designed for this age group. They do not have to do it, but it’s very good for them to show what they have learnt.

An Examiner of the Cecchetti Faculty comes and looks at them. They get an official report and a certificate.