Cecchetti Society

The Cecchetti Society was founded in 1922 and incorporated in 1924 in the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) in London.

Enrico Cecchetti (1850 ¬ 1928) Was an Italian dancer taught by Lepri, a student of the famous Carlo Blasis. Enrico Cecchetti danced and taught in St.Petersburg. He created the role of Carabosse and the Blue Bird in the Sleeping Beauty, a ballet also performed by the National Ballet in Amsterdam. He taught Anna Pavlova, Nijinsky and also Vaganova, the famous teacher, whose method is taught in vocational schools all over the world. He taught in England and many dancers went to his classes. He developed a daily class scheme which allowed the dancers to exercise all the different steps during a week. When he retired some dancers adopted his sytem and wrote it down in the famous manual. They founded the Cecchetti Society.

The aim of the Cecchetti Society is to teach ballet to amateurs in a systematic way. The structure of the syllabus meets the needs and age of the pupils. They will progress and learn more steps.

There are 2 different syllabi for children:
¬  The Class Examinations for the child who comes once a week with stress on pleasure in movement and not too much technique.
¬  The Grade Examinations for pupils who come 2 or more times a week and learn more technique.

The vocational syllabus is for more advanced pupils. It is aimed at pupils who might eventually become professionals. Girls do pointe work. There is Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 and if they want to go further, they can do the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma, the highest and last exam.

To be qualified to teach these syllabi one needs the Teaching Certificates. Balletschool Kamperfoelie provides the Teacher Courses to become a qualified teacher.